It's my first time to a Longwood Symphony Orchestra concert... 
... What should I do?

Longwood Symphony Orchestra concerts at Jordan Hall start at 8:00pm and doors to the Hall open at 7:30pm. We suggest that you arrive with ample time before the start of the performance in order to check coats, find your seats and settle in. If you arrive after the concert begins, you will be shown to your seat at the discretion of the conductor after the first movement or after the first piece. 

What should I wear?
While there is no set dress code attendees generally wear business casual to semi-formal attire. 

Can I take pictures of the performance?
Photography within Jordan hall is prohibited.

Can I leave my cell phone on?
Please be sure to silence phones, beepers, and other devices before the concert begins. We kindly ask that you don't talk, move personal belongings, or use your cellular devices during the performance. 

When should I clap?
To clap, or not to clap? Traditionally, applause does not occur until the close of the full piece of music. However, if you are moved to do so, we do not frown on clapping between movements. 

How can I learn more about the concert?
Program notes, provided by Steven Ledbetter, are available online before the concert so you will know what to expect from the concert. The notes also provide short biographies on the composers, the creative process, and the story behind the music.