Heidi Greulich, Ph.D

Meet Heidi Greulich!

Dr. Heidi Greulich is a cancer biologist, and her work focuses on using cancer genomics data and small molecule screening to identify and experimentally validate therapeutic targets in cancer. Biology became an early passion thanks to a high school biology class, where she learned that one could describe life in the language of chemistry. She says, “that was a huge revelation to me at the time, and continues to fascinate me as a professional biologist.”

Heidi has played cello with the LSO for 22 seasons, and last year celebrated her 100th concert!  One of the highlights of being part of the LSO for Heidi is the partnerships she has developed through the years. She says, “I appreciate the opportunity to discuss my work with a different set of colleagues. But I appreciate even more the good friends with diverse interests whom I have met through the orchestra.”

In addition to her biomedical work, Heidi is also an avid biker. She counts her biggest non-professional accomplishment as biking the Alpe d’Huez and Mount Ventoux in France. Closer to home, she enjoys biking the Minuteman Trail with her husband, Chris, and 9-year old son, Matthias.